Mobile app Android release for searching and finding truck loads from 123Loadboard has increased search speed and provides an enhanced

Protect Your Load From Thieves For as long as businesses have been transporting loads of goods, others have been trying

Like every generation before them has also been, millennials have often been derided by their elders for being shallow, entitled,

Sun Safety Is an Important Part of Risk Management for Owner Operators Did you know that 86 to 90 percent

123Loadboard’s popular app for load searching, launched a 2.0 iOS update that introduces the fastest ever in-app searching

Georgia recently proposed a truck-only lane for owner operators to run along Interstate 75 for 38 miles. Cited as the

If you aren’t a burnt out driver yourself, chances are that you know one. Both owner-operator and company drivers

Every trucker has been there: nearing the end of their hours of service limit and with the only rest stop